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Secure Admission at a Top University?

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Is it your dream to study at a highly ranked, prestigious universities? Have you secured the grades required for admission?

Most of the worlds top universities only accept 5% of their applications each year. Entry into the world’s most prestigious universities can be challenging and admission is never guaranteed. Universities reserve the right to accept or reject any student they wish during the application and admissions process.

It’s important to understand that ranking and prestige is not something to fixate on? Universities operate like large businesses; they have large branding and marketing departments to ensure they are viewed favorably within a competitive marketplace. A university ranking is unlikely to guarantee you a job but might help when it comes to industry connections and applying to highly specialized and specific programs.

Always remember, much of a universities ranking is determined by the quantity and quality of research output produced by its academics. If you are not studying at a research level, you might want to consider looking at other options. For example, if you are studying a generic business undergraduate degree then opting for a research university is unlikely to provide a positive ROI {Return on Investment} when price comparisons are made to mid-level universities.

Each country has a select group of universities that market themselves as ‘leading research universities.’ The name of these groups can be found below.

CountryUniversity Group NameWebsite
AustraliaGo8 {Group of Eight}Click here.
CanadaU-15Click here.
IrelandTrinity College*Click here.
United KingdomRussell GroupClick here.
United StatesIvy LeagueClick here.

These universities will continually face a Demand Vs Supply in balance. They never have enough places to meet the demand from the market. Thus, entry requirements and tuition fees are significantly higher when comparisons are made to other universities. 

You should be very clear about the location and type of universities being targeted for your studies. To gain admission into a top university it requires a significant investment in your time. Each university requires specific documentation to be submitted as part of the application process. Please be aware of the following considerations before submitting your application

  • Be aware of application start and cut-off dates.
  • Have all documents available and ordered for easy viewing by the admissions team.
  • Produce a very specific and highly targeted Statement of Purpose. For more information click here.
  • Include your resume if applicable. For more information click here.
  • Submit a scholarship application form if applicable. For more information click here.
  • Include reference letters and supporting documents from your school, university, or employer.
  • Practice your interview techniques and soft skills. Universities are prioritizing the need for well-rounded students with highly developed soft skills.
  • Establish if additional qualifications are required for admissions. This might include a GMAT or SAT?
  • Score highly on an approved English Language test. Our team suggests taking the IELTS test which allows entry into all study destinations and universities.
  • If applicable, include your citations and publications for research-based courses.  

Most universities allow you to apply once, if you fail to submit the correct documentation you are unlikely to secure a place and will receive an immediate rejection.

We advise all students applying to highly ranked universities to consult with a qualified education counsellor. Our team have the knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide you the advice you need before submitting your application. To book a FREE consultation click here.

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