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Study Destinations

At we work with academic institutions in Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom and the United States. Students should justify their reasons for studying overseas and be comfortable describing what outcomes they hope to achieve following their graduation. 

Before investing a significant amount of time and money into your education please conduct the necessary research into what course, university and study destination is the right option for you. 

Download FREE Resources online including Country Profiles, Admissions Guides and FAQ’s to gain a better understanding on the differences between each study destination. 

Find below a list of considerations when deciding what university, location and study destination is right for you. 

Did you know? In the United States there are over 5,300 colleges and universities to  select from. 



Students should establish a budget before studying overseas. Students will need to calculate their budget by estimating their total expenses whilst overseas including; tuition fees, travel, food, insurance, transportation, medical, utilities and other living expenses.

Post Study Work Rights

Most countries will allow students to remain in-country following course completion. The amount of time you can spend in-country will be dependant on your location, the course you have studied and the duration of your program.

University Ranking

Students should consider the reputation and ranking of their academic institution of choice. Most universities will be assigned a global ranking and a subject specific ranking. Ranking should not be the only consideration but can help when sourcing jobs following course completion.

University Location

Attending a university in a large cosmopolitan city can help when applying for jobs following course completion. Please note, multinational companies will have a presence in most major cities. Location can also determine how long you can remain in-country.

Job Opportunities

Opportunities to work during and after your studies is an important consideration. Most universities place a significant emphasis on graduate employability and have forged links with industry via internships and post study work opportunities. These universities are a great option for students looking for a positive ROI {Return on Investment}

Scholarships & Study Grants

Understanding the difference between a Study Grant and Scholarship is important. Students should always apply for a scholarship early to avoid disappointment. Students can make significant savings if they qualify for such schemes. Most universities only have a limited scholarship & study grant allocation.

Course Duration

Savings on tuition fees and living expenses can be made by studying at universities offering one year postgraduate programs. For example, postgraduate program in Australia are two years in duration; whilst comparable programs in the United Kingdom are one year.

Family & Friends

Having relatives and friends overseas can provide emotional and financial support. This is important if its your first experience living overseas. Significant savings can be made by living with family member. This will need to be evidenced in your visa submission, SoP and proof of funds.

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