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Canada Admissions Requirments & Process

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Students who select Canada as their preferred study destination will need to meet criteria set out by the Canadian government. To successfully obtain a student visa you will need to follow the steps below.  

  1. Prepare all academic and personal documentation including financials and a Letter of Intent {SoP}.  

  2. Apply to an approved academic provider, obtain private health insurance and pay the tuition fee deposit. 

  3. Receive Acceptance Letter and book medical appointment at an approved medical centre

  4. Apply for a student visa online, $160.

  5. Book and attend a biometric screening {fingerprints and photo}.

  6. Book and pay for flights only when a visa outcome has been reached. 

You must supply a Statement of Purpose / Letter of Intent to prove your intention to travel to Canada is for study purposes only. Students should state their intention to return to their home country at the end of their course or after their PSW {Post Study Work} visa expires. The areas that need to be addressed in the document include. 

  1. Outlining the reason{s} for selecting Canada as a study destination. 

  2. Outline reasons for selecting the university and city. 

  3. Individual circumstances in home country. This includes economic circumstances.

  4. Details of any family members currently residing in Canada.  

  5. An undertaking that you will not burden the State, and agree to leave Canada prior to the expiry of your student visa. 

  6. If previous studies do not correlate with future studies you must provide a valid reason for this and furnish evidence to justify and support a change in study plan. 

  7. Account and evidence any study gaps between your last period of full time education and any future application to study in Canada. 

  8. Detail any previous visa rejections and recent travel history. 

  9. Any other relevant matters.

Proof of Funds 

  • $10,000 – $11,000 in funds to cover living & maintenance {GIC Advised}. 

  • Funds to cover tuition fees and dependents if applicable. Source of funds to demonstrate where future payments will come from. 

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