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Australia Documentation Required

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Documentation Required

Australia basis their decision to approve or deny a student visa on criteria set out by the immigration department. Prior to visa lodgement you will need to provide significant documentation to support your visa lodgement. Failing to supply the necessary documents can lead to lengthy delays and a risk of visa rejection. For more information about the types of documents permitted book a FREE CONSULTATION with a student advisor and download your FREE Australia Admissions Guide.

  1. Passport: valid for the duration of your course. 

  2. Digital & Hard Copy Photographs: 35-38mm x 45-50mm. 

  3. Statement of Purpose: View specifications here

  4. Academic Transcripts: This should include subject specific marks, grades, GPA achieved and the university’s grading scale, include any backlogs.  

  5. English Test: The Australian government permits the following English tests; IELTS, PTE, OET and Cambridge Advanced. 

  6. Resume / CV: Provide evidence of work {contract / pay slip}, download template

  7. Police Certificate: No older than 6 months from date of submission, apply here.

  8. Proof of Funds: Savings, Investments or proof of income that meets the $62,222 per year threshold. In addition, $21,041 for 12-month living expense. For more information click here

  9. Proof of Payment: Receipt of payment to the academic institution. 

  10. Visa Rejections: Document any previous visa rejections. 

  11. Letter of Offer: From an approved academic institution, to view click here

  12. Private Health Insurance: Purchase online or via the education provider. 

  13. Australian Values Statement: Complete online, click here.

  14. Visa Application: Complete online and pay the $620 Subclass 500 visa fee, apply here

Students can apply for an Australian Student Visa a maximum of 124 days {4 months} prior to course commencement. Students can arrive in Australia a maximum of 90 days prior to course commencement.  

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