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Resume Guidelines & Template

Download your FREE Resume Guidelines & Template below.

Most universities will require your resumé as part of the application process. A well-crafted resumé will help you stand out from other applicants especially when applying to highly ranked and prestigious universities. A resumé should follow a basic structure and layout. A synergy should exist between your previous academic studies and work experience and your future area of study. This should also be evidenced in your SoP. Make sure to review “What NOT to include” before submitting your documentation. Follow the important points below when structuring your resumé.

Tips & Tricks

  • A significant emphasis should be placed on your education history. Highlight any notable academic achievements or awards received. If you are applying for research level programs you should include your citations in academic papers and / or journals.

  • Only include jobs that are relevant to your future studies and career goals. Describe what skills and experiences you developed and how they will benefit the university.

  • Ensure all jobs describe the duties performed and the outcomes achieved. All outcomes should be SMART {Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound}. For example, “55.2% increase in year-on-year sales from New Delhi from October 2021 vs October 2020.”

  • Provide context and evidence for any volunteering and / or internships completed. Include a reference letter if possible.

  • Include your participation in extracurricular activities. For example, clubs, societies, volunteering, and community services.

  • If you have relevant leadership experience this should be highlighted. Include any positions held within a club or society; sports team, or leadership experience within the workplace. This information should be captured within your SoP,  scholarship application and resumé.

  • Include in your resumé the names and job titles of your pre-approved references. Do not include their contact details unless requested by the university or future employer.

What NOT to Include

  • Do not include your date of birth.

  • Do not include the dates when you graduated from school or university.

  • Do not include a picture of yourself.

  • Do not include your religious or political affiliations.

  • Do not discuss your financial circumstances unless relevant to your individual case.

  • Do not include phone numbers of your references and previous employers unless requested.

  • Do not include negative comments about previous employers or individuals.

  • Do not include a solid block of text. Use succinct paragraphs and bullet points.

  •  Remove items that are unnecessary to the proposed area of study / job.

  • Ensure you keep to a consistent format and use the FREE Resumé Template provided above.

  • Ensure study gaps are accounted for and evidenced in appendices.

  • Ensure spelling of institutions, jobs and companies are accurate.

  • Ensure all outcomes adhere to the SMART principle.

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