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Statement of Purpose Guidelines & Template

Download your FREE Statement of Purpose Guidelines & Template below.

A SoP or Letter of Intent is a two page document containing 500 – 1,000 words. The SoP should justify your reasons for selecting a particular course, university, and study destination.

The SoP is required during the application and visa submission stage. Admissions managers and immigration officials place a significant emphasis on a student’s ability to justify their selection of course, university and study destination. All SoP’s will be reviewed by an immigration official prior to a visa outcome. The document most commonly associated with a visa rejection is the SoP. If you receive a visa rejection you are {legally} required to declare this when applying for any future visa, student or non-student related. This can adversely affect you when applying for future visas. As a prospective student you should invest a significant amount of time and energy into your SoP to ensure the best possible chance of success. Your SoP should include information that can be evidenced and substantiated.

The format of a SoP should reflect your student journey. Topics presented throughout the SoP should be relevant to the objective and outcome desired. Download your FREE SoP Guidelines & Template above. 

You should maintain a professional tone throughout the document and don’t fluctuate between tenses. Use a font and size that is familiar with overseas universities {Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial}.and use the correct spacing {typically 1.0 – 1.5}. Ensure any study gaps are accounted for and evidenced in subsequent appendices and the spelling of your course and the university are accurate. Make sure you review “What NOT to Include” below.

What NOT to Include

  • Do not mention your desire to live and remain in-country following course completion.

  • Do not write about matters irrelevant to your university application. For example, discussing the weather.

  • Do not discuss your family in too much detail unless it relates to your future studies.

  • Do not discuss your financial circumstances unless relevant to your individual case.

  • Do not include your religious or political affiliations.

  • Do not include a picture of yourself.

  • Do not include colour within your document, it should remain professional at all times. 

  • Remove items that are irrelevant to your proposed course of study. {For example, being awarded a 50-metre swim badge in grade 7 should not be included}.

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