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U15 Group Universities – Canada Research Universities

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Most study abroad destinations have a select group of leading universities {U15} that support much of the countries research output. Typically, these universities feature prominently on various global education ranking indexes. The location of these research-based universities allow students choice and flexibility when selecting their preferred study destination as the majority of cities feature a highly ranked university specialising in a specific research field. Please note, if you are studying at an undergraduate level ‘Research’ will not feature as part of your studies; therefore, the additional expense may not be justified.

The U15 was originally founded in 1980 when five universities from the state of Ontario formed a collective. Throughout the years this has grown to what is now known as the U15. In recent years the number of prestigious Canadian universities have grown to include 15 independent universities. The list of member universities can be found below:

  1. University of Alberta
  2. University of British Columbia
  3. University of Calgary
  4. Dalhousie University
  5. University of Manitoba
  6. McMaster University
  7. McGill University
  8. University of Ottawa
  9. Queen’s University
  10. University of Saskatchewan
  11. University of Toronto
  12. University of Waterloo
  13. University of Western Ontario
  14. Laval University
  15. University of Montreal

The U15 group of universities have formed a group to establish themselves as Canadas most research-intensive universities. Much like the Go8, Ivy league and Russell Group the U-15 have formed a collective to pursue member interests at the local and national level. This approach has led to the universities developing long term and sustainable policy objectives which benefit the student and wider community.

Canada’s U15 universities work in close collaboration with governments, entrepreneurs, industries, and NGO’sto produce world class research which is used to advance Canadas economy and its presence on the global stage.

The U-15 are responsible for significant investment within the Canadian economy, this includes the following areas:

  • The U-15 are responsible for 80% of all Category 1 research undertaken at Canadian universities.
  • The U-15 are provided $8.5 billion annually for research and projects.
  • The U-15 contribute are responsible for $36 billion annually to the Canadian economy.
  • The U-15 award over 70% of all doctorates in Canada.
  • The U-15 have developed and been awarded over 80% of all university patents and technological licenses.

The U15’s national significance on the Canadian economy and wider society cannot be underestimated. The U15 are responsible for most of the discoveries which have led to Canada being recognised as industry leaders in the field of oil & gas, security apparatus and various technology components. The U15 is an active member of other internationally recognised research communities which form partnerships at an international level. These groups include the following:

  • Association of American Universities {AAU}
  • Association of East Asian Research Universities {AEARU}
  • C9 League {China}
  • German U15
  • Group of Eight {Go8} Australia
  • Hong Kong 3
  • League of European Research Universities {LERU}
  • RU11 {Japan}
  • Russell Group {UK}
  • Ivy League {USA}

I hope you found the information in our U-15 Canada blog useful. are overseas education consultants that specialize in providing expert advice throughout the consultation and application process. If you would like to study abroad and hope to secure a significant scholarship or study grant book a FREE Consultationwith an experienced education & career counsellor to find out what overseas study options are available. We look forward to helping you start your journey to a brighter future!

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