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Study in Australia – FREE DOWNLOAD

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Do you want to study in Australia? Are you hoping to secure a significant scholarship or study grant? Studying in Australia requires a lot of planning and preparation which can be a complex, time-consuming and expensive undertaking. are overseas education consultants that specialize in providing expert advice throughout the consultation and application process. We help students secure the best scholarships at the highest-ranked Australian universities. Book a FREE Consultation with an experienced education & career counsellor to find out what Australian study options are available.

Australian schools, colleges and universities are committed to helping students develop the necessary academic and practical skills needed to be successful in the jobs market. Demand for entrepreneurial and innovative leaders is booming, Australian universities have engineered their approach to teaching and learning to allow students to possess transferable skills in a highly mobile and globally competitive marketplace.

There are several reasons why Australia is a perfect study destination for international students. In this blog, we will highlight some of the many reasons why you should consider studying in Australia, download your FREE Australia Study Guide below.


1) Safety

Students studying overseas for the first time want to select a study destination that is safe, enjoyable and provides opportunities to travel freely without any safety concerns. Australia has one of the lowest crime rates in the developed world, students will feel safe both on campus and in large metropolitan cities. Whilst studying in Australia students have many accommodation options available to them. These include on-campus student residences, purpose-built student accommodation, homestays with local families, shared houses and private rentals with friends you meet whilst studying.

2) Quality of Education

The standard of education in Australia is very high. Australia only has a small number of universities; consequently, the standard of education demanded by the federal government and students are high. Australian universities place a significant emphasis on both theory and the practical skills you need to be successful. The education and course curriculum is designed to develop transferable skills, allowing you to remain competitive within a highly skilled globalised workforce.

Most universities integrate work experience and internships within their courses, these embedded units will be counted towards your overall credit. Work and internship opportunities allow students to gain the necessary academic and practical experience they need to develop meaningful connections within the business and secure long-term job opportunities.

The strength and quality of education is reflected in many of the Global University Rankings. Those interested in researching further will see many Australian universities feature in the world’s Top 50-100, these ranking indexes include times Higher Education, QS and Shanghai Rankings.

3) Stay Back Options

If you study a 2-year program at an approved Australian university, you will be eligible for a 3–5-year post-study work visa depending on the location and level of your studies. The stay-back duration provides ample time and opportunity to secure a job in a city where migration opportunities should present themselves. Any study destination you select should provide a return on investment. Very few countries offer the same opportunities as Australia, which is why many students choose Australia as a study destination.

4) Part-Time Work

Whilst studying full time you have the opportunity to work part-time alongside your studies. Part-time work can be undertaken to support your living expenses whilst in Australia. Typically, students are permitted to work 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during the semester break. However, the government recently announced that certain sectors of the economy will allow international students to work full-time throughout the duration of their studies. Students can expect to earn between $1,400 – $1,700 per month based on the current minimum wage, of $21.38 per hour. To make sure you are ready to apply for jobs once you arrive in Australia Download your FREE CV & Resume Template.


Remember, always prioritise your studies. You are required to complete all units of your course. Any fails you receive will need to be retaken at significant expense. 

5) Multicultural Society

Australia is known as a friendly and welcoming country for all visitors, tourists and students.

Did you know? In Australia, over 30% of Australians were born overseas.

Migration is an integral part of Australian culture. There are large communities of South-Asian families who held student visas and are now residents of Australia. It’s expected that Australia will welcome 500,000 international students each year, these students will come from 190+ nationalities. It’s easy to find people of the same nationality, faith, and religion. However, recommends every student integrates as much as possible, your experience will be much richer.

6) Outdoor Lifestyle

Australia is famous for its weather, beaches, landscape, and outdoor lifestyle. There is no need to remain indoors for long periods of the year. Parts of Sydney and Queensland receive over 300+ days of sun each year. Australia has blue skies, clean air and an environment which is not matched by any other country. Students should make every effort to visit some of the most popular attractions each State has to offer, these include The Great Barrier Reef, The Twelve Apostles, Uluru, Bondi Beach, National Parks and Sydney Opera House.

7) Migration Opportunities& Citizenship

Many students studying in Australia hope to gain permanent residency or citizenship following their graduation. Whilst migration is never guaranteed there are several avenues to pursue if you are looking for work opportunities leading to migration. Please note, the skills requirements and accreditation process are constantly changing; therefore, the best way to assess if your skill is in demand can be found on the ‘Skilled Occupation List’, visit the link below.

<<Australian Skilled Migration List>>


I hope you found the information in our blog useful. are overseas education consultants that specialize in providing expert advice throughout the consultation and application process. If you would like to study in Australia and hope to secure a significant scholarship or study grant Book a FREE Consultation with an experienced education & career counsellor to find out what Australian universities are available to you. We look forward to helping you start your journey to a brighter future!

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