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Russell Group Universities – UK Research Universities

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Most study abroad destinations have a select group of leading universities {Russell Group} that support much of the countries research output. Typically, these universities feature prominently on various global education ranking indexes. The location of these research-based universities allow students choice and flexibility when selecting their preferred study destination as the majority of cities feature a highly ranked university specialising in a specific research field. Please note, if you are studying at an undergraduate level ‘Research’ will not feature as part of your studies; therefore, the additional expense may not be justified.

In the United Kingdom the most prestigious universities have formed a collective known as the ‘The Russell Group’ The universities included in The Russell Group include the following:

  1. University of Birmingham

2. University of Bristol

3. University of Cambridge

4. Cardiff University

5. Durham University

6. University of Edinburgh

7. University of Exeter

8. University of Glasgow

9. Imperial College London

10. King’s College London

11. University of Leeds

12. University of Liverpool

13. London School of Economics & Political Science

14. University of Manchester

15. Newcastle University

16. University of Nottingham

17. University of Oxford

18. Queen Mary, University of London

19. Queen’s University Belfast

20. University of Sheffield

21. University of Southampton

22. University College London

23. University of Warwick

24. University of York

{The list above is not arranged in ranking order}

The Russell Group consists of 24 universities; all of whom produce world-class research-and are much sought after by domestic and international students alike. Each university provides their own unique history, culture, course speciality and ethos.

Did You Know: Oxford University was established in the year 1096 by King Henry I.

Russell Group universities contribute significantly to the UK economy and are responsible for important social, economic, and cultural trends within the UK. This can be measured in several ways which are outlined below:

• Russell Group universities produce 65% of all Category 1{World Class} research in the UK

• Russel Group universities support 250,000 jobs in the United Kingdom.

• Russell Group universities contribute £87 billion into the nations economy each year.

• 500,000+ students are studying an undergraduate or postgraduate program at Russell Group universities in the United Kingdom.

• 35% of all Russell Group university enrolments are sourced from students outside of the United Kingdom.

Russell Group universities invest significantly in the following areas:

  1. World class teaching and learning

2. Student support facilities

3. Infrastructure and resources {academic and extra-curricular}

4. Reseach output

5. Small classroom sizes offering additional support where required

Did You Know30% of all students attending Russell Group Universities are awarded a scholarship or bursary.

Not all the UK’s best universities feature in The Russell Group. Bath University and St Andrews regularly feature in the UK’s Top 10 universities but are not members of the Russell Group. Groups such as The Ivy League, Russell Group and the Go8 are self-founded and self-governed. These groups organise to project influence on governments at the local and national level through coordinated lobbying and action. In addition, the branding and awareness of these groups provides an excellent opportunity for universities to effectively market themselves domestically and internationally.

Never select a university based solely on its perceived ranking or prestige. The quality of education in the United Kingdom is high. Students benefit from world class facilities and teaching regardless of their location or university selection. Whilst overall ranking is important, always consider subject specific ranking as several Tier 2 universities attract the best researchers in specific fields. Your primary objective when identifying what university and study destination is right for you is the return on investment you hope to achieve following your gradation.


I hope you found the information in our Russell Group {UK} blog useful. are overseas education consultants that specialize in providing expert advice throughout the consultation and application process. If you would like to study abroad and hope to secure a significant scholarship or study grant book a FREE Consultation with an experienced education & career counsellor to find out what overseas study options are available. We look forward to helping you start your journey to a brighter future!

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