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Do you need help applying to a highly ranked, prestigious university? Do you know what is required to secure admission? Our premium service allows students to book a FREE consultation and speak with advisors who have worked for some of the world’smost respected universities.

Every year 10 students areenrolled in the Scholars program. Those selected are provided significant resources, counselling, and support from application to visa processing.


If you have excelled academically in high school or university and wish to pursue your studies at a leading global university book a FREE consultation and receive an immediate academic assessment.


Students will be mentored throughout the application and admissions process by Mr. James Collins who has considerable experience working for prominent universities in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.


After successfully enrolling on the Scholars program students will benefit from the following services:


Scholars Program – Advantage:

  • Help to secure admission into an Ivy League, Russell Group, U15 or other leading university.
  • Guidance submitting scholarship, study grant, and bursary applications.
  • Ensure all admissions deadlines are met.
  • Booking of additional tests such as GMATif required. {link to relevant page on website for GMAT}
  • Help curatea persuasive Statement of Purposes / Letter of Intent.
  • Guidance on course selection.
  • Career counselling.
  • Develop the soft skills necessary topass an academic interview.
  • Networking opportunities.
  • Resume writing.
  • Creation of a professional LinkedIn page.
  • Dialogue with globally recognised industry leaders and professors in your academic discipline.
  • Mentoring from CEO Founder – Mr. James Collins.
  • Continuous support from consultation to course completion at you chosen university.


Please note, a service fee is charged for all Scholar program students to reflect the ongoing work and support provided. Places are limited and students are advised to apply early to avoid disappointment.

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