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TOEFL – Exam Profile

There are no strict IELTS exam eligibility criteria that have been fixed by IDP, the organizing body of IELTS, and British Council for the test takers. IELTS is a crucial English language proficiency test for aspirants willing to study abroad in English-speaking countries. Since the teaching medium in most colleges in English-speaking countries is English only, therefore, it becomes necessary for candidates to meet the eligibility for IELTS exam and demonstrate their language proficiency while being assessed on four parameters, namely, Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening.

Formats of the IELTS exam:

Before understanding more about the eligibility criteria for IELTS examination, let us know about the two formats in which the language proficiency test can be taken. The two formats are–IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic. The latter is for those willing to pursue higher studies in a foreign nation while the former is tailored for those candidates who wish to pursue secondary education or get more work experience abroad. It is also applicable for migrating to key global nations like Australia, the UK, Canada, and New Zealand.

Minimum IELTS score needed by leading universities:

The IELTS exam eligibility has got nothing to do with admission-related guidelines as set by foreign universities. Every university will have its own different regulations and guidelines for admissions. Candidates are expected to meet other general requirements before admission as well. Most leading institutions will require at least 7.0 as the total score. They also require a section or band score of at least 6.5 in all four sections individually.

Eligibility criteria for IELTS examination- Minimum age limit:

The only eligibility for the IELTS exam in India and across the globe is that a candidate needs to be at least 16 years. Anybody aged 16 or above can take this examination, irrespective of their gender, nationality, or background. Exceptions are only made when a school needs the IELTS scores for admission purposes. There is no upper age limit fixed by the conducting bodies.

Eligibility for IELTS Exam in India- Test pattern:

The syllabus is divided into four sections, namely Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. The total test duration is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

  • Listening- The overall section length is 30 minutes, and the candidates have to answer 40 questions in all.
  • Reading- The overall time for this section is 30 minutes and it encompasses 40 questions.
  • Writing- The test for this section is conducted in 60 minutes and includes two questions.  Under this section, the aspirants have to write short essays of 250 words (minimum). They are given a diagram, table, or data that they have to explain.
  • Speaking- The total sectional length hovers between 11-14 minutes and aspirants also have to go through face-to-face interviews. This section also tracks whether aspirants have the ability to effectively communicate in the nation where they have applied to study.

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