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Where can I study?

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Are you considering studying overseas? Has it always been your dream to study abroad?

Allow to remove the stress out of the decision making and application process. Our team provide expert advice for those hoping to gain admission into a school, college, or university. represents the following study destinations:   

§  Australia

§  Canada

§  Ireland

§  United Kingdom

§  United States

  • These countries represent the most popular study destination for international students. However, several factors must be considered before deciding which country is the right option for you. Each country has its own unique selling points and disadvantages. This will be explained during the consultation process. Depending on your course and location preference we will secure admission to the university and country of your choice.

We advise all students to only commit to an overseas education when you are clear about the type of course and the study destination you are interested in. Studying overseas represents a significant investment in your time and money. If you are unsure what course or study destination is right for you, delay your studies before making a final commitment. Remember, the decisions you make now will have a profound and lasting impact on your life.

Several factors must be considered when deciding what study destination is right for you, these include:   


§  Post Study Work Rights

§  Permanent Residency & Citizenship Opportunities

§  Location of Choice {Country & City}

§  Entry Requirements {Academic & English}

§  Course Commencement Dates {September Vs March}

§  Proof of Funds

§  Salary Expectation  {Return on Investment}

§  Work Opportunities

§  Graduate Employability

§  University Ranking

§  Subject Specific Ranking

§  Internship Availability

§  Budget

§  Government Policy

§  Length of Study

§  Job Prospects

§  Visa Rejection Rates

§  Part-time Work Opportunities 

You will be guided by education advisors who have lived, studied, and worked overseas ensuring you get the best possible advice. To book a FREE Consultation and find out what options are available to you, click here.

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